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in work with processed products (meal, bran, cake)

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Зерновой терминал Максигрейн-Украина
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Terminal Maxigrain-Ukraine

is a modern grain transshipment complex in the Black Sea.

We work with such crops


(wheat, barley, corn)


(soybean, sunflower, rapeseed)

niche cultures

(peas, mustard, flax, millet, oats, rye)

processed products

(meal, bran, cake and shell)

We provide transshipment

to road, rail and water transport

Water transport
The technical capacity of shipments to water transport is up to 5,000 tons per day. We provide transshipment to vessels with draft up to 7.6 m in the water area of Kherson port and up to 15 m at Trutaeva Bank, without length and width limitations: Coaster (up to 10 thousand tons) and Handysize (up to 35 thousand tons), Panamax (up to 60 thousand tons).
Road transport
The technical capacities of receiving is up to 4000 tons per day, and the technical capacities of unloading is up to 3500 tons per day. We accept all types of grain carriers. The terminal has a parking area with a capacity of up to 50 vehicles and comfortable conditions for drivers.
Rail transport
The receiving and unloading capacity is up to 1500 tons per day. The terminal can simultaneously accommodate up to 20 railcars. There is a covered mechanized collection point.

Our advantages:

Segregated storage

Possibility on customer request

Work with more than 10 cultures

The terminal can simultaneously receive up to 5 different crops.

Certified chemical laboratory

guarantees the compliance of the cargo with the contractual specifications.

High speed of acceptance and shipment

4000 tons / day

Modern security system

for the safety of cargo: a closed perimeter, video surveillance, security posts and patrols, 70 cameras on the territory.

Additional complex services related to grain transshipment:

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