Cargo storage

For cargo storage, the terminal operates own 12 storehouses with a total capacity of 36,000 tons, vertical metal silos of 6,000 tons, and operational capacities of 1,000 tons.

«Maxigrain-Ukraine», ltd terminal actively enhances its facilities to accommodate handling and storage of organic products. Some of the terminal’s storage facilities are accommodated to storage of ecologically clean grains and oilseeds.

The terminal provides exclusive services in small-load cargo storage. Due to the lot accumulation and storage approach, it is possible to receive, store, and dispatch cargos of 1,000 – 500 tons in a separate batch.

At the time of full load of the storage facilities, the terminal can store cargo in vessels. This not only increases the total storage capacity, but also speeds up the process of loading of cargos in ocean going ships.

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