Water transport

The terminal’s daily capacity for water transport transshipment of cargos ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 tons, depending on the type of crop.

  • The terminal performs loading of sea vessels on the roads of the Kherson sea port. This allows to load several vessels simultaneously.
  • The terminal services vessels with maximum draft of 7.6 m, and there are no limitations for the vessels’ length and beam.
  • Transshipping of cargos is carried out with the help of specialized water transport. This ensures safety and quality of the transshipped material.

  • Loading procedures are monitored and inspected by the terminal’s stevedores and surveyors at all stages of cargo transportation and transshipment.
  • All terminal’s activities, operation of berth loaders and other auxiliary equipment is planned in accordance with the schedule of vessels approach to the terminal.

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