Grain drying and conditioning

«Maxigrain-Ukraine», ltd terminal provides a full range of services for crops conditioning to the level of required export standards.

Polish-made “Arai” grain drying equipment is designed for non-stop exploitation throughout the entire harvest period. The grain dryer is a shaft-type and is powered by natural gas.

The terminal’s grain cleaning equipment allows to perform both primary and final cleaning with a capacity of 100 tons per hour. In addition, the terminal provides a service for cooling of agricultural products.

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The terminal is located in Kherson on the banks of the Koshevaya River in the delta of the Dnieper. Area - more than 16 hectares.

Receiving and shipping

Reception and shipment by road, rail and water transport.

Customer service

Individual approach to each client. We take into account the requirements for storage of goods and other wishes.


In 2015, the laboratory was certified by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine.


Competence of staff is constantly confirmed by participation in seminars, training courses.


14 granaries (12 warehouses of closed storage and 2 metal silos of the firm)

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