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Grain terminal of LLC “Maxigrain-Ukraine”, ltd is the result of an investment project from 2009. The terminal, with the area of 20 hectares (ha) / 49 acres (ac) is located in Kherson, Ukraine, on the river Koshevaya, in the Dnieper delta.

The terminal’s plant, staff’s high professionalism and experience, together with a well-developed infrastructure, allow to offer comprehensive services to clients according to the modern-day standards.

The terminal is designed for handling cargo from/to road, railway, and water transport. Total storage capacity is 44,000 tons. The terminal employs 150 members of personnel.

«Maxigrain-Ukraine», ltd terminal is designed to store and handle more than 10 types of grains, that include sunflower, rapeseed, mustard, flax, wheat, forage wheat and barley, millet, oats, rye, meal, sunflower seed and other crops meal, as well as granulated and non-granulated bran. The terminal’s equipment allows to process grains to exporting conditions. This mitigates our clients’ risks that arise from purchasing crops directly from farmers.

The terminal’s facilities include 13 closed-type storehouses with total capacity of 44,000 tons, and 2 Chief metal silos with 3,000 tons capacity each. This allows to receive, store, and dispatch cargo of different types and classes. The terminal fully complies with applicable standards and requirements for storage of organic commodities.

The terminal’s laboratory has modern technical equipment and all necessary facilities for testing and determining organoleptic, physical, and chemical metrics for all cultivated crops and processed products.

In 2015, the laboratory was certified by Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development, and has the right to test cultivated crops and processed products according to the specified description. The laboratory’s staff is comprised of 10 members who overlook 24 hours a day the condition of stored loads. The staff-members actively participate in professional conferences and designated trainings.

Our company is famed for approaching every client’s needs individually and offering a wide variety of add-value services. Furthermore, as a private company, we combine both flexibility and a long-term reliability. It is easy to come to an agreement with us, and we guarantee adherence to the terms of the agreement.

The operations of the terminal provide numerous opportunities to international exporting companies. This way, «Maxigrain-Ukraine», ltd makes a significant contribution in the development of the region’s transport infrastructure, and this way facilitates growth for the grain business in the region.

This website provides a general overview for the terminal’s services. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule a visit to the terminal, if you consider working with us. We are open for everyone and will be glad to see you here.

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Grain terminal of LLC “Maxigrain-Ukraine”
  • BASED ON - 2009

    The grain terminal was built as a result of a large-scale investment project.

    Our laboratory was certified by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine

    Acceptance of new types of grain crops. The emergence of services for agency and chartering of ships
  • 2019+ - NEW HORIZONS

    We improve service and expand capacity. We develop further together with our partners...


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